Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Quick 2013 recap

It's New Year's Eve and I enjoy reading everyone's recap of their years, so here's mine.

The best part of my year arrived on November 14th!  I never thought I would be a dad of twins!

I'm pleased with my summer.  I was consistently around 30 or more miles/week.  I had several weeks over 40 miles with a high for the year at 48.5.  Biggest month was August with 178.5 miles = 40.8 mile/wk.

I'm pleased with the start of the winter.  I'm finding that I need to get out in the morning before school in order to keep a zero out of the log for the day.  Being a dad has actually helped with this.

I had fun racing trails at Belleville, Run with the Beavers, and the Pisgah 50k.  I also ran my first xc race since college at the KSC Alumni meet which was a blast.

Once again, I struggled keeping consistent mileage during cross country and track seasons.  I also lost some training due to an injured achilles because of minimal drop shoes.

Goals for 2014:

Keep blogging every week.  I've found that I stop blogging once my mileage slips to save face, but if I can keep it going I will get more mileage.  Don't let coaching disrupt my own training!

I ran 900 miles in 2013 with essentially 6 months of being a jogger instead of a runner.  If I stay consistent I should be able to double my yearly miles.

Stay healthy!  To do this I will have to keep running, stretching, strength training, and resting.  I also have to be smart about keeping my Crohn's and accompanying arthritis at bay - even if this means taking maintenance medicine (which I hate doing).

Enjoy being a dad!


  1. Glenn, love the cover photo! Your Dad was proudly showing pics of the twins at the WTAC holiday party. Best of luck in 2014!

  2. Glenn, nice recap and great cover photo! Happy New Year!!!

  3. Miles and miles with a bunch of fishing = happiness. Happy new year, Glenn!

  4. Boj, you are clearly not reading my blog anymore. No one called me out on my Nick Cash.