Tuesday, January 7, 2014

1/6 - 1/12

Monday:  0.  I needed a day off.

Tuesday:  0.  I should have run.

Wednesday:  3 in the early am w/Jimmy.  It was around 0 degrees when I headed out the door, but I was well bundled.  Felt good to get back out there after 2 days off.  My back was pretty tight yesterday and Monday, but it was ok today.

Thursday:  0.  Lifted upper x3 and refereed two basketball games.

Friday:  0.  Parenting duties the last two mornings made it so I didn't get out before school.  No energy to get out the door today.  This is one pathetic week!

Saturday:  6 miles solo Hinsdale roads.  I tried getting out the door earlier today, but the roads were suicidal from the ice.  I ended up driving to the boat launch parking area and ran a strange combination to get to 48 minutes.  I would like to get 11 tomorrow in order to salvage at least 20 miles this week.

Sunday:  3.5 w/ Jimmy on the roads in the morning.  My right calf/achilles was a little tight on this run.  I'm going to try to get out later in the afternoon if the stars align and the babies take a long nap.

Weekly Total:  12.5
2014 YTD:  39.5

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