Monday, November 25, 2013

11-25 - 12/1

Monday:  5 miles w/Jimmy on HRT.  Nice cold morning.  Starting to get in a groove.  The river was iced up this morning.  Someone was already unloading their ice fishing shack down by the setbacks.

pm:  2 miles w/Jimmy on roads.  I'm adjusting to the lack of sleep.

Tuesday:  3 miles w/Jimmy on HRT.  Calves are a little tight, but feeling pretty good otherwise.

Wednesday:  4 miles w/Jimmy up Reservoir Rd in Pisgah.  It was a rainy and raw 37 degrees during the run.  Felt decent.  Right calf is a wee sore.

Thursday:  4 miles at the Brattleboro Turkey Trot.  I ran 21:21 which is my fastest time here.  I didn't feel particularly fast as I started behind about 75 runners.  It took about 5 seconds to hit the start and the first half mile involved a lot of weaving and pace changes to pass people.  I got in my groove by the mile.  There was a lot of ice on the roads which made for some more weaving to pick the best line.  Cold, fun race.  The highlight was seeing 4 of my former athletes and 1 current athlete today.  I hope they continue the tradition.  It's nice keeping in touch with them.  I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving.

Tanner and Cody pre-race.

Friday:  4.5 on HRT w/Jimmy early morning.  Another cold run today with temps around 18 degrees.  I got an early Christmas present this week from Gina in the form of some Sugoi Subzero Zap tights.  They are awesome - nice and toasty.  Greg has the same ones, so I stole his flow and made it better ;)  My calves were pretty tight/sore today.

Saturday:  0.  Parenting duties trumped running today.

Sunday:  4 in Pisgah w/Jimmy.  I pushed the first half and cruised the second.  My calves are still sore.  I probably need new shoes.

Weekly Total:  26.5

YTD:  795