Thursday, November 21, 2013

11-18 to 11/24

Monday:  0.  Came home from the hospital today.  Wow!  Where's the nurse button?!  Not much sleep.

Tuesday:  2 miles in Pisgah w/ Jimmy.  Incredibly tired from lack of sleep.

Wednesday:  0.  I did walk Jimmy down at the rail trail.  Didn't feel like running, but I enjoyed being outside.

Thursday:  2 miles on roads w/Jimmy.  Beautiful chilly morning.  Knock on wood, but I feel slightly more rested today.

Friday:  3 miles on the HRT w/Jimmy.  Tempo 1 mile + 3 R paced pick-ups.  Feeling pretty good.

Saturday:  0.

Sunday:  4 on HRT w/Jimmy.  First run of the year that I accumulated ice in my beard.  Gotta love it.  About 20 degrees and super windy.

YTD:  768.5

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