Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Week 3

6/30 - Monday:  5 on Hdale roads.  Started at the Boat Landing and ran the Depot/Tower Hill loop.  I suffered in the heat today.  People's coiled up hoses started calling my name.  I made it to my car and had about a half a liter of month old water that I dumped all over my head.  The hose felt good once I got back to my house.  I started this run about 9:45 am which apparently is too late.

7/1 - Tuesday:  0.  Baby duties kept me occupied all day.  Once they were in bed for the night I was able to slip out for some trout fishing with Greg.  We did pretty well - 3 for me and a few more for him.

7/2 - Wednesday:  7 w/ captains of XC team at Kilburn.  Hot morning.  The heat got to me today - the pond was amazing afterwards.

7/3 - Thursday:  2 around school while Gina took the babies for a stroller ride.  Awful humidity again.  No energy for running.  Later in the pm I got a migraine.  That was fun.

7/4 - Friday:  Happy Birthday America!  I took the day off and hung out with family.

7/5 - Saturday:  3 around school while Gina and the babies strolled along.  Absolutely amazing weather.  Windy and sunny with a dew point in the 40s and temps in the 70s.  July doesn't get any better!

7/6 - Sunday:  4 at Kilburn.  Another nice morning.  Back felt tight on this run.  I need to lift.

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