Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer 2015, Week 6

7/27 - Monday:  3 at night around school with a full belly.  I belched up dinner the entire run.  I ended with about 1200m of tempo effort.

7/28 - Tuesday: 5.5 around PTSA 5k route from home.  Legs were stale from 3 days in a row of quicker paced running.

pm:  3 miles at Kilburn + a splash in the pond.  I felt pretty decent on this one.  It was hot - 86 degrees.  Tomorrow will be in the mid 90s.  Blech!

7/29 - Wednesday:  5 on HRT.  I got out before the real heat hit.  My legs felt sluggish.

7/30 - Thursday:  1.5 at school w/athletes.

7/31 - Friday:  0.  I watched the kids all morning then fished late into the night.  I caught 20 bass.  I didn't get anything bigger than 2.5 pounds.  George and Greg landed and hooked into some hogs.

8/1 - Saturday:  0.  I drove to Rhody.

8/2 - Sunday:  3.5 w/Pard in Burlingame.  Fun run despite full stomachs.

Weekly Total:  21.5

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