Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Summer 2015, Week 7

8/3 - Monday:  0.  Went to Misquamicut Beach then drove home.

8/4 - Tuesday:  3.  I ran to my fishing spot and back.  Decent fishing - 6 bass and a pickerel.  Nothing big.

8/5 - Wednesday:  6 - Oxbow, Monument, Plain.  I ran at 2pm and suffered.  The weather was cool for summer - 80 degrees, but the open roads and sun exposure got to me.  I definitely was feeling dehydrated at the end of this one.

8/6 - Thursday:  3. Happy Birthday Jonny!  I ran up to the fishing hole today and back.  I caught 5 bass and a pickerel.  My fish were all bigger than Tuesday's fish.  I managed to land a 3 pounder.  I lost about 17 dollars in lures too.

8/7 - 8/9:  Had fun, but I didn't get any runs in.  I turned 38 on Sunday.  Happy Birthday to Greg!

Weakly total:  12

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