Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer Week 6

7/21 - Monday:  4 around town starting from the boat landing.  Really slow pace.  I felt tight + full from just eating.  Pretty nice night for a run.

7/22 - Tuesday:  4 on Kilburn Loop at night.  A little more humid and hotter than the last few nights.  I thought about jumping in the pond, but the light was fading fast.

7/23 - Wednesday:  0.  Thunderstorms when I had a window to run.

7/24 - Thursday:  0.  Drove down to Rhody after summer school ended.  We had fun celebrating my mother's birthday with cousins.

7/25 - Friday:  0.  Took the babies to the beach for the first time.

7/26 - Saturday:  4.  Snuck out in the morning for an out 'n back on the Vin Gormley trail.  Lots of deer flies.

7/27 - Sunday:  7 w/Pard.  I suffered on this run.  Pard was feeling his oats and I was feeling vacation living.  Always fun to get dropped by Dad!

Weekly total:  19 miles.

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