Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer is here! 6-24 - 6/30

Monday:  Cleaned the room at school then signed out.  Went to a party with teachers.  0.

Tuesday:  Kicked off my first day of summer with some ground fishing on a party boat out of Hampton w/ fellow teachers.  I caught 6 dogfish, 2 haddock, and 1 cod.  None of the good tasting fish were keepers.  All 4 of us caught several of the right species, but no keepers.  Tim caught 12 dogfish for top honors in the shark category.  Celebrated with a Dogfish ale at night.  Pretty zonked.

Wednesday:  Felt like I hadn't run in a year.  3 miles in Pisgah w/Jimmy.  Sluggish run.

Thursday:  6.5 in Pisgah w/Tanner and Jimmy.  Spirit Breaker Hill did just that.  Tanner looks fit.

Friday:  3 miles Monument Rd w/Jimmy.  Ran in the evening to try and hit the cool temps.  It was still too hot and humid for Jimmy.  Slow pace.

Saturday:  8 Kilburn Loop w/Jimmy.  Very slow pace.  Ran into Greg, Jenny, and Griffin at the end of my run.  First run over an hour in a long time.  Lifted upperx2 after my run.  Feeling good.

Sunday:  4 w/Jimmy up Reservoir Rd.  Easy pace.

Weekly Total:  24.5
Summer Total:  38.5

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