Tuesday, July 2, 2013

7/1 - 7/7

Monday:  Lifted in am w/Greg.  Upper x2.  Took a zero running.

Tuesday:  7 w/Jimmy Davis-Baker-Ridge-Kilburn.  I can't remember ever running this doing Davis Hill first.  Fun run.  Felt great out there.  Nice drizzly, cool conditions.

Wednesday:  2 on roads in am w/Jimmy.  I wanted to give him a little exercise before his vet appointment.  Wow it's oppressively humid out today!

Thursday:  6 in Keene.  2 mile warm-up before a slow slog in the heat during the 4 on the 4th road race.  I suffered out there and after 2 miles decided that I just needed to survive.  I'm out of shape!

Friday:  2 miles on Hinsdale roads.  Ran at 8:30am and it was already miserably hot and humid.  First Fun Run tonight.

Saturday:  3 miles at Kilburn w/Jimmy in early am.  Legs felt heavy and sore from roads three days in a row.  I should have gone farther.  I would like to hit 30 miles this week.

Sunday:  6.5 in Stoddard w/Joel and dogs.  Nice run up to Jackson Hill.  Too bad the dogs didn't get along.

pm:  4 miles on Hinsdale Rail Trail.  Today the temps were cooler (84 for a high), so I felt decent on both runs.  First double of the summer.

Weekly Total:  30.5
Summer Total:  69

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