Monday, September 2, 2013

9/2 - 9/8

Monday:  16 w/Boj.  Nash/Dogwood/Reservoir from Horseshoe.  I was tired and sore (hamstrings) going into this run.  I suffered out there.  Boj looked very relaxed - I looked like crap.  The humidity got to me today.  This run makes me really contemplate whether or not I'm up for the 50k.

Tuesday:  0.  Feel great.

Wednesday:  0.  Saw the babies today on the ultrasound machine.  They are 2 pounds 9 ounces (girl) and 2 pounds 8 ounces (boy) right now.  No time for running.

Thursday:  4 miles at practice w/kids.  2 on rail trail w/Jimmy.  Feeling good - beautiful day.

Friday:  0.  Lazy after a long week.

Saturday:  8 total.  3 at my xc meet today.  5 w/Jimmy on Southwoods from Winchester Rd.  Greg dropped us off for a nice afternoon scamper.  Felt fine.

Sunday:  am 3 miles w/Jimmy in Pisgah.  Beautiful morning.

pm:  5 miles solo.  I ran from Greg's house to Horseshoe Rd and back.   Now I've run every part of the 50k in training besides Chestnut.  Fun chilling with Greg and talking about the upcoming race afterwards.

Weekly Total:  38

Fall total:  61
Summer total:  333
Spring total:  175 (approx.)

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