Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pisgah Week

Monday:  2 miles at meet in Sant Bani.

Tuesday:  4 miles at practice with kids on Rail Trail.

Wednesday:  2 miles at practice.  I cancelled practice after 2 laps around the course.  It was unbelievably oppressive today.  Heat index = 100+ degrees.  I'm happy everyone survived.  New shoes arrived today.  I need to run in them before the race to see if they are just what I needed.

Thursday:  Tornadic/flash flood conditions.  I cancelled practice and no running.

Friday: 2 miles w/team.  I wish the race was tomorrow.

Saturday:  3 miles w/Ez, Griffy, and Jimmy.  Jimmy looked very healthy and spry today.

Sunday:  31 miles - Pisgah 50k.  Finished the SOB in a pr.  Separate write-up to follow once I see official results.  On a side note, Jimmy is looking sick again.  I'm pretty worried about him as he just can't kick whatever the hell is wrong with him.  This morning his foot was swollen and he was lethargic - almost like he has a fever again.  I'm glad he looked so good yesterday.  I hate seeing my best friend suffer.

Weekly Total:  44
Fall Total:  105
Summer Total:  333
Spring Total:  175

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