Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back to school 8/26 - 9/1

Monday:  0.  Rest day after big weekend.

Tuesday:  2 w/team.  4 w/Jimmy from Horseshoe Rd parking area.  Feel a little tight today in spine.  It's wicked humid today.

Wednesday:  3 w/Jimmy early am.  I woke up way before my alarm, so I decided to hit Reservoir Rd at 6am.  It was still very low light conditions which made it hard to see all the roots.  Fun run on a very humid morning.

pm:  0.  We had an indoor practice today because of lightning.  We didn't run, but hopefully the kids found this practice as exciting as I did.

Thursday:  0.

Friday:  0.  3 zeroes this week = not good.

Saturday:  7 miles at KSC Alumni meet.  2 mile warm-up, 5k xc race, 2 mile cool down.  I ran 23:18 and came in 91st out of 103.  I felt good, but went out a little too hot.  I struggled/rigged the last mile.  Another extremely humid day.

Sunday:  7 w/Jimmy.  We ran Nash - Fullam loop from Horseshoe.  I was surprised at how sore my hamstrings were on this one.  Nice and easy.

Weekly total:  23

Fall total:  23
Summer total:  333
Spring total:  175 (approx.)

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