Wednesday, August 21, 2013

8/19 - 8/25 Last week of summer training

Monday:  Practice started today.  I ran 2 miles with the kids.   Pickets + 4x200 at R pace.

Tuesday:  5 miles am w/team.  Very easy pace on Depot/Stage Rd loop.

pm:  2 miles w/ Jimmy on the roads.  This was his first run since getting bitten on the penis by a horsefly (which got infected and resulted in yet another trip to the vet's office).  I wanted to go farther, but he wasn't feeling too spry.  I lost his beeper, so I took him on his leash.  I hope I find that darn thing.

Wednesday:  No running at practice for me today.  I renewed my driver's license then ran 3 miles with Jimmy in Pisgah.  Still no beeper despite tearing apart the house, cars, and yard to find it.  Bummer.  Again, I wanted to go farther, but Jimmy wasn't up for it.  Hot today - 88 degrees.

Thursday:  am: 1 mile w/team.

pm:  4 miles at Fun Run.  I ran a 6:35 mile then jogged the 2.3.  I also warmed up with a mile.  Feeling good.

Friday:  2 miles w/kids at practice.  Too lazy to run when I got home.

Saturday:  13 total

early am:  3 w/Jimmy from Reservoir Rd.  I was going to do a long run, but my Camelbak was chafing the crap out of my neck and shoulders.

I dropped off Jimmy, grabbed my handheld bottle, and headed off to Wantastiquet.  I ran up in 25 minutes then headed over to Mine Ledge and Indian Pond.  1:29 total on steep terrain - I'm calling it 10.

Sunday:  14 miles in Pisgah.  I parked at Kilburn and ran Davis, Baker, Ridge, Kilburn Loop, + Davis add on.  Great run!  I felt really good rolling over the first part to Kilburn Loop.  I tried to visualize running tough yet relaxed on the place where 50k runners go to die.  I had to stop at 1:40 to throw a little lube on my feet.  They seem wimpier than past years.  I'm leaning towards lubing them on race day.  I ate a Nutri-grain Bar at 50 minutes and a half of one at 1:40.  I carried 16 ounces of water in my handheld bottle - I could have used more.  When I reached the Kilburn parking area, I decided to run to the 2 hour point up Davis Hill to teach my mind and body that I can't quit there.  I ate the last half of my bar on Davis and finished my water than ran back to the car, ending at 2:04:xx.  I ran the entire way and felt good.  I'm pumped, yet I know I will be out there for 5+ hours.  I've got a lot of training left before I'm truly ready for the 50k.  I probably won't be totally ready on race day, but I'll be more prepared than 2007 where my long run was 8 miles.  27 mile weekend!

Weekly Total:  46
Summer Total:  333


  1. Hope your penis heals up quickly.

  2. Thanks it's fine! It's Jimmy's penis that is on the mend!

  3. Great week and I'm excited to hear you're doing the 50K!!