Thursday, October 10, 2013

10/7 - 10/13

Monday:  0

Tuesday:  4 w/Jimmy from Greg's road.  Nice night to hammer.

Wednesday:  4 miles at Derryfield School during the xc meet.  Tough course.  We had some good performances today.

Thursday:  0.  Today I measured a new 2 loop course for our upcoming championship meet we're hosting.  I had to add a loop around the soccer complex which I'm not thrilled about, but it will work.  I once raced over a big rock, through a bunch of briars, across a muddy valley, and up a sled hill for a pack of gum.  The kids have a luxurious course by those standards.

Friday:  3 at practice w/team.  I threw a few pick-ups in.  Feeling decent.

Saturday:  0 running.  I hiked up Monadnock today with kids from my Lit of Nature class.  We had an epic day on the summit - socked in with hurricane force winds.  Fun time, even if it came at the expense of some running miles.

Sunday:  8 in Pisgah w/Jimmy.  I ran up Broad Brook from Reservoir rd.  What a beautiful morning.  I had to wear gloves.  My legs felt a little heavy from yesterday's hike.  I'm itching to race a 5k.

Weekly Total:  19
Fall total:  182.5
2013 YTD:  690.5


  1. A big rock? A muddy valley? A sled hill? You must mean Big Rock, Mud Valley, and The Sled Hill. Still the toughest course and competition I've ever faced! And the most savory gum I've ever chewed! Wasn't it 90° and humid that day? Champions are made in those conditions!

  2. I can guess who the race director was!