Wednesday, October 16, 2013

10/14 - 10/20

Monday:  0.  Worked on marking the course for tomorrow's big show.

Tuesday:  0.  Hosted the Granite State Conference Championships.  The meet went off without a hitch. Great event with 12 schools from all over the state.  Whipped afterwards.

Wednesday:  4 w/team Depot Road loop.

Thursday:  3 w/Jimmy on HRT.  I have to get some mileage tomorrow during our XC race in Hillsborough.   Really warm day today.

Friday:  3 at the Hillsborough meet.  !

Saturday:  9 w/Jimmy in the am.  Felt mediocre on this run, like I'm losing fitness.  Beautiful day!

Sunday:  8 w/team in Pisgah.  Felt sluggish, but it was another gorgeous day.

Weekly Total:  27
Fall Total:  209.5
YTD:  717.5

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