Tuesday, March 19, 2013

3/18 - 3/24/2013

Monday:  0.  Track begins.  

Tuesday:  9 inches of snow and no school.  I ran 3 on the roads w/Jimmy.  It turned to sleet while I was out there.  I got a lot of WTF looks by guys in plow trucks and people snow blowing there driveways.  I lifted around noon upperx2.  I've been bored since.  I'm still grateful for the snow day though.  Track should be interesting with snow on the ground.

Wednesday 2 miles easy at practice.

Thursday:   2 miles in the evening w/Jimmy.  I saw 3 wood ducks in the swamp by my house.  I lifted at night.  Track makes for a long day at school.  

Friday:  0.

Saturday:  Groin is pulled.  Can't run. 

Sunday:  Lifted upperx3 in am.  Shot hoops after lifting.

Weekly total:  7
Days lifting:  3

Last week:  10.5
2013 YTD:  129.5

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