Tuesday, March 5, 2013

3/4 - 3/10/2013

Monday:  Lifted upper#1x2.  This was a pretty wimpy lifting session.  I got it in quick right after work.  I was even wearing my school clothes.  Stiff but not a lot of pain.

Tuesday:  2 miles on RT w/Jimmy.  I had meetings after school and not much energy.  I also still felt stiff and fat.  I waddled the 2 miles.  I feel about 2% looser after my waddle which is better than 0 percent.  Still no pain, but no flexibility.  

Wednesday:  0.

Thursday:   1.5 roads w/Jimmy.  

Friday:  0.

Saturday:  0. Lifted upperx3 early am.  I went fishing all morning.  I should have run.  I saw an otter.  No fish.

Sunday:  4 w/Jimmy Reservoir rd.  Nice morning.  I went fishing again late morning - same results.

Weekly total:  7.5
Days lifting:  2

Last week:  11
2013 YTD:  112

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