Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2/26 - 3/3/2013

Monday:  Lifted upper#1x3.  I was supposed to go to Plymouth State to watch the girls' varsity play in the semifinals but I was zonked.  I slept from 3pm to 4:30pm.  The girls ended up losing to a tough Groveton team.  Groveton has won 15 state titles since 1990 in girls' division IV hoops.  Our girls had an off night shooting which is just bad timing after an undefeated regular season.  The school and town are very proud of them.

Tuesday:  3 w/Jimmy on RT.  Lifted upper#2x2.  I didn't want to get out the door today, but I willed myself to at least walk Jimmy in running clothes.  My achilles was a nonissue.  My back is tight, so I decided I better lift again today.

Wednesday:  0.  No school because of snow and sleet.  I watched a Rambo marathon with Greg.  It's interesting to note that Rambo III was dedicated to "the gallant people of Afghanistan."

Thursday:  0.  I tried to run, but my back wasn't having it.  I walked for 20 minutes instead with several failed attempts at running.  It feels like my A.S. is coming back.  Maybe not.  Later at night I tried to lift, but the little school gym was locked.  I was 0 for 2.  Took advil.  I'm hoping this isn't as bad as it seems.

Friday:  0.  I hiked in the woods behind the house with Jimmy.  My back was manageable at work, but I took advil after school.  Tomorrow lift and run then head over Fyffe's to make maple syrup.

Saturday:  Lifted upperx2.  5 miles on roads w/Jimmy.  I ran from my house to the school to pick up Gina's car.  Fun running through town.  The ice fishermen were having a good day.  I saw two people hoist nice bass out of the setbacks.

Sunday:  3 miles roads of Hdale w/Jimmy.  My calves are sore from yesterday's road run.  In the pm I shot guns with Fyffe.  I haven't fired a gun in about ten years (maybe more).

Weekly total:  11
Days lifting:  3

Last week:  10.5
2013 YTD:  104.5

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