Monday, February 11, 2013

2-11 - 2/17/2013

Monday:  0.  I ordered new shoes - Brooks Ghost 5.  I'm excited to run, but I can wait for my new kicks.
Achilles was not an issue at all today.  My hamstrings are pretty destroyed from shoveling.

The old standby (new cool color)

The shoes that bothered my achilles


Tuesday:  Lifted upperx2.  I was a little sore from Sunday's session still.  I had to score the girls' games at night.

Wednesday:  0.  I scored the girls' varsity game.  They are 17-0.  One more game to go in the regular season.  Senior night at home on Friday against a 16-1 team.  Should be a battle and possibly a preview of a postseason matchup.  Go Pacers!  Shoes should be in tomorrow.  Achilles is a nonissue in day to day activities.

Thursday:  0.

Friday:  0.  Scored the girls' games.  Varsity girls went undefeated in a thriller!

Saturday:  Lifted am upperx3.  Shot hoops w/Joe.  I tried running today w/Jimmy in Pisgah.  My achilles bothered me.  Two tears in a bucket.  I guess I'll focus on getting huge until it's ready.

Sunday:  Lifted #2x2.  Shot hoops after lifting.

Weekly Total:  0.
Days Lifting:  3

Last week:  3
2013 YTD:  83

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