Monday, February 18, 2013

2/18 - 2/24/2013

Monday:  Went for an hour walk on the RT in am.  Cold, sunny conditions.  High teens with strong wind gusts.  The ice fishermen looked happy on the CT River.

Tuesday:   Lifted upper#1x3.  Shot hoops after lifting w/Brandon (former athlete I coached for Bball). 1.5 on the RT w/Jimmy.  I was finally able to go beyond 3 minutes.  My achilles felt fine.  I didn't want to overdo it, so I kept it short.  I'm feeling good about today's run!

pm:  I scored the girls' playoff game.  They were down 8 - 6 after the first quarter, and ended up winning 46 - 14.  Talk about DEFENSE!  I'm pumped for them.  Our school hasn't won a state championship in any sport since 1995.  The girls are the number 1 seed after finishing 18 - 0 for the regular season.  Fingers crossed that this is the year!

Wednesday:   Lifted upper#2 x 3.

2 miles up Reservoir Rd w/Jimmy.  Trails were incredibly icy, so I kept it short.

Thursday:  4 on RT w/Jimmy.  I could have used ice skates on the trails today.  Besides the ice, it was an awesome blue sky day.

Friday:  Lifted upper#1 x3.  Tried running, but my achilles was bothering me.  I probably did too much yesterday, or maybe it didn't like the roads.

Saturday:  Walked the wolves w/Greg at Daniels Mtn.  Played hoops w/Greg.

Sunday:  3 miles on RT w/Jimmy.  The 1 inch of new snowfall really improved the traction.  The ice underneath has softened up.  My achilles felt fine today.

Weekly total:  10.5
Days lifting:  3

Last week:  0
2013 YTD:  93.5

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