Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17th - 23rd

Monday 11/17:  4.5 miles after school w/coach and athlete on HRT.  Cold and rainy conditions, but I felt great out there.  I'm getting in a little groove where I'm excited for every run.

Tuesday:  11/18:  4 in pm - Walmart N Back.  I thought I wouldn't be able to run today, but our staff meeting turned out to be a staff appreciation celebration with food and drinks - sweet!  The weather was blustery with temps around 29 degrees.  I warmed up quickly and enjoyed myself.

Wednesday:  11/19:  3 w/ athletes.  Three runners showed today.  It was cold but not as windy as yesterday.  Nice and easy.

Thursday:  11/20:  1 around school.  I didn't think I would be able to run today, but when I got home both babies were napping.  I didn't get very far because I ran into two students who were just finishing their runs.  1 > 0 !

Friday:  11/21:  3 same route as Wednesday.  I was about 2 minutes faster than Wednesday.  Felt decent.

Saturday:  11/22:  6 around town w/30 minute tempo.  Felt great today - nice and cold, 20 degrees.  The river was iced over in the setbacks.  After my tempo I ran a mile cool down on the rail trail out on the land bridge portion.  I ran up on a forky buck that was walking really slowly.  I got to within 40 yards when I noticed he was injured with blood running down his rear left leg.  He probably had been shot by a hunter.  I turned around to leave him in peace.  When I drove by on the way home, I could still see him out there slowly walking in the same direction.  Poor guy.

Sunday:  11/23:  7 w/ Rachel and athlete.  Nice and easy today.  My legs were a wee tired from yesterday's quick pace.  I overdressed on this run as it warmed up into the 40s by the end.

Weekly total:  28.5  - good week.  Getting in a groove.  Hopefully 30s next week.