Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November 24th - November 30th

Monday 11/24:  0.  I had to cancel my run so Gina could take Brady to the doctor's.  He's got an ear infection and pink eye!

Tuesday:  11/25:  0.  Too much going on today.

Wednesday:  11/26:  2 on HRT.  I had to watch the babies all morning while Gina worked a half day.  Once she got home, I headed over to the Rail Trail for 2 quick miles.  It was snowing like crazy.  We probably had 2 inches out there on the ground.  It looks like we are going to get walloped.  Don't know what this will mean for tomorrow's Turkey Trot.

Thursday:  11/27:  0.  This was a memorable Thanksgiving.  We got about a foot of heavy wet snow which knocked out our power around 6pm last night.  We were supposed to host Tday, but with no electricity it was looking unlikely.  I also had to chop up a section of a maple tree that fell into our driveway and drag it off before we could be plowed.  All the shenanigans meant no Turkey Trot.  We ended up eating dinner at Uncle Joel's in Stoddard.

Friday:  11/28:  4.  Walmart N Back.  Felt like I hadn't run in about 100 years.  Power came back on sometime late last night.  We were in Stoddard still.

Saturday:  11/29:  4.5 Boat Landing loop.  Nice cold morning ~ 17 degrees.  First morning that ice accumulated in my beard since last winter.  Feeling good.

Sunday:  11/30:  8 w/athletes.  Three runners showed up for multiple loops around town.  Another day where I felt great.

Weekly total:  18.5.  A couple doctor's appointments and a Tday snowstorm kept this from being a solid week.  I'm happy with the way I've been feeling on runs.  I'm motivated to get out the door.

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