Monday, November 10, 2014

November 11/10 - 11/16

Monday:  4.5 w/ Coach Smith and athlete after school.  It was a great afternoon for running.  We ran down the rail trail and back.

Tuesday:  4.5 in am.  I ran the same course as yesterday.  I felt pretty good.  I saw the same female pileated woodpecker again today.  I passed her at least a dozen times.

Wednesday:  0.  I stayed home from school today to take care of Emma.  She started feeling better by the afternoon.  No time for a run until 8pm - I didn't find the gumption to get on my headlamp and get after it.

Thursday:  2.  I stayed home again with the help of Nonni.  By staying home, I had to miss cross country awards' night.  I hated missing it, but Emma still wasn't feeling well.  She has a double ear infection and is on antibiotics.  Nonni let me sneak out while both babies were sleeping.  I got new Asics because I needed new shoes and they were on sale at Running Warehouse.  I'm wishing I just got Cascadias or Ghosts again.  Oh well.  Maybe I need a few more runs in them.

Friday:  0. Second night home with the babies while Gina was at a school play.  Uncle Greg and Aunt Jenny were a big help.  Emma's getting a little better.  No time for running.

Saturday:  3 on HRT.  Nice cold morning - 28 degrees.  I felt pretty good.  The shoes felt better today.

Sunday:  6.5 w/athlete.  Another cold morning.  Nice and easy - feeling good.

Total:  20.5

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