Sunday, October 5, 2014

October Begins

I've gotten behind (as usual).  This is because I got a nasty cold that hit the whole family for about 9 days mixed with busy weeks at work.  Going off memory here is my most recent week.

Monday 9/29:  Zero.  Very busy day at school replete with grades being due, meetings, deadlines for goals, and other fun.

Tuesday 9/30:  Zero again.  Tuesdays are always tough to get a run in with after school meetings and a workout day for the team.  The athletes ran a great I paced workout.

Wednesday 10/1:  3.  1 mile warm-up than I jumped in to help an athlete hit her last two tempo miles.

Thursday 10/2:  1.  I went on a hawk watching field trip today at Pack Monadnock.  We didn't see any hawks as it was socked in.  The weather cleared back in Hinsdale and I saw a kettle of about 10 broadwings riding a thermal over the school.  I ran a mile with some of the team and lifted weights.

Friday 10/3:  3.  The team needed an easy day, so we ran down to the Ashuelot and soaked the legs before heading back.  Very relaxing day.

Saturday 10/4:  3 miles as part of the team's warm-up and cool-down at Fall Mountain.  Nice rainy day for a race.  We had some good performances today.

Sunday 10/5:  6.  I met up with three athletes for a run up Broad Brook in Pisgah.  It was my first day where I got to break out the gloves on a run.  It was 45 degrees and just perfect for running.

16 for the week.  Now that my health is back, I'd like to get more miles this upcoming week.

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