Wednesday, February 5, 2014

2/3 - 2/9

Monday:  0.  I have a cold.

Tuesday:  0.

Wednesday:  Snow day!  I headed down to the HRT w/Jimmy for 4 easy miles.  Snow was really coming down.  We are in the 8 - 14 inches range according to the weather report.

Thursday:  4 w/Jimmy on Oxbow Rd.  I was miserably tight on this run, especially my upper back.  I tried to stretch well afterwards.  Nice bright, cold day.

Friday:  0.

Saturday:  0.  We took Brady and Emma down to Norton, Ma to meet their new cousin.  This was our first big trip - 2:30 each way.  I didn't run, but I was able to watch the New Balance Grand Prix at Tyson's.

Sunday:  5 w/Jimmy on the HRT.  Beautiful sunshine!  I ran at 12:30 and it was perfect blue skies.  The snow was a little soft even with a steady stream of snowmobiles ripping by.  I ran out to the outer river loop which offered some trail-breaking and solitude.  I love days like this in February!

Weekly Total:  13

Not the greatest week.  Two tears in a bucket!

2014 YTD:  94

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