Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2/10 to 2/16

Monday:  0.

Tuesday:  3 w/Jimmy on Oxbow Rd at night.  I couldn't start another week with two straight zeroes.  I really wasn't feeling motivated about having to bundle up just to go running.  Despite my February fatigue I enjoyed myself out there tonight.  I'm excited for vacation.

Wednesday:  0.  I had a physical after work.  The new doc said I was in great shape except my feet looked a little beat up!

Thursday:  7 w/ Jimmy on the HRT.  I threw on the snowshoes for the first time this winter.  I really enjoyed this run.  I went out to the outer river loop from the ice fishermen's parking area. We had another snow day.

Friday:  0.  I spent a lot of the day shoveling out from the nor'easter.  On a non-running note, Brady and Emma are three months old today.

Saturday:   0.  My hamstrings are destroyed from shoveling yesterday.

Sunday:  5 w/Jimmy on HRT.  Hamstrings still aching, but I needed to get out and enjoy the sunshine.  I underdressed slightly.

Weekly Total:  15

2014 YTD:  109

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