Monday, February 17, 2014

February Vacation Week 2/17 - 2/23

Monday:  I headed to the Reservoir parking area w/Jimmy.  I had planned on running on my snowshoes for about an hour, but my heart just wasn't in it.  I ran about 1 mile with the snowshoes and 1 with them off.  I hung out in the snow and sunshine with Jimmy.  I made the call this morning to the vet that I've been dreading for a long time.  Jimmy has been a wonderful dog to about three people and aggressive towards everyone else.  After three years of trying everything to socialize him, Gina and I made the really tough decision to put him down.  I talked with the vet at his last check-up about if he could be rehabilitated by someone who would be a better dog owner than us.  She didn't think it was an option.  We just can't risk him hurting anyone - especially Brady and Emma.  I feel like I'm betraying him, but it has to be done.  He always wears a muzzle on all the runs we've done together which always scares other trail users whenever they see him.  Despite how hard it's been owning him, I'm going to really miss him.  His appointment is this Wednesday.  I'm going to try and make his last few days happy ones.

Tuesday:  Didn't run, but I hung out with Greg at his house w/Jimmy and Griffin.  We took the wolves to Horseshoe parking area, and we went snowshoeing.  Great time.

Wednesday:  4 miles on HRT w/Jimmy.  We had a last run together in the early morning then Gina and I took him to the vet.  My heart is very heavy.

Thursday:  4 on HRT.  Very tough run mentally.  I'm still swallowing the loss of Jimmy.

Friday:  3 roads of Hdale.   Legs felt pretty peppy today, and I felt a little better mentally as well.  I enjoyed having decent traction on the roads.  A lot of slush and puddles but they were easy to avoid.

Saturday:  6.  First three were nice and easy on the soft HRT.  The last three were around the school loop at Tempo pace.  Good run.  I wore shorts today.  It was beautiful when the sun came out. 35 degrees during the run, but it warmed up to about 45.  After my run we headed to Stoddard to see the family.  Man they have a lot more snow than us, and we have a lot of snow!

Sunday:  7.  Around downtown Hdale.  I hit Depot hill twice and Stage Rd hill once.  I felt decent today.  Wore shorts again today.  34 degrees.

Weekly Total:  26
2014 YTD:  135


  1. Tough decision, man. I know you didn't take it lightly. I'm sure you gave him a better life for a longer time than he would have had with anyone else.
    Take care.

    1. Thanks James. I appreciate your kind words.

  2. Glenn,
    Sorry to hear about Jimmie. Mandy and I figure that out of all of our friends and our past beast, Angus, YOU are the one who understands. We came close, VERY close on 2 separate occasions to doing the same thing you and Gina had to do with Jimmie. Tough choice but from the sounds of it, rather necessary. I think James is right too. Look at what you gave Jimmie.
    Dogs think they are crazy beasts and you can't stand them until they're gone.

  3. Thanks Muddy. You definitely had your hands full with Angus! And thanks for making me chuckle at that last line!