Monday, December 24, 2012

12/24 - 12/30/2012

Monday:  2.5 miles on Hinsdale Rail Trail w/Jimmy.  Nice morning.  I kept this short and easy.

Tuesday:  5 miles w/Jonny, Pard, and Jimmy around the Brrrlingame 15k course.  I have no idea what trails we ran except for the North/South Trail, but they were fun.  I'm running a track workout with the WTAC crew tomorrow at Chariho.  I'm looking to run an R workout consisting of 200's.

Wednesday:   5 miles at CHS.  I met up with the WTAC guys Jonny, Gazelle, Muddy, and Tommy Fivek.  We ran a 2 mile warm up together then I ran my own workout consisting of a tempo mile followed by some rep work.

Goals:  mile - 7:25
4 x 200 - 47 w/ full rest

Result:  mile - 7:23
41, 42, 45, 43 + 100 in 18.5

.5 mile cool down around the old Fun Run course.  I used my current vdot (45)  to come up with the times.  I really feel I need a lot of rep work because of my tight/arthritic spine.  My stride is very labored.  I need to add some hill sprints too.  We'll see if this one workout yields any results on Saturday and Tuesday.

Thursday:  7 w/ Cody and Jimmy on the Rail Trail w/River Loop extended.  Pretty awesome run.  Blowing snow and breaking trail made for some tough conditions.  I could tell Cody was enjoying it.  We started a little too fast which made the middle miles pretty tough.  We were able to grind out the last mile at a pretty fast clip.

Friday:  3 miles on Rail Trail w/Jimmy.  Nice sunny morning.  We got about 7 or 8 inches of snow yesterday.  Took this one nice and slow.

Saturday:  3 miles at BU Mini Meet #3.  I raced the mile in 6:20 and the 800 in 2:48.  Both were improvements from last week.  Both hurt a ton.    A lot of fun once again.  We had a looonngg drive back in the snow from Boston.  I'm worn out and my calves are sore.

I felt a little smoother thanks to racing and my workout on Wednesday.  I need to continue doing R paced workouts.  I might not race the Millennium Mile on Tuesday so I can recover fully.

Sunday:  Lifted Upper x 2 in am.  I'm not feeling very motivated to run.  Maybe I'll get out this afternoon.

Nope.  Didn't happen.  I did run 3 hill sprints in the driveway.  Good week.

Week Total:  25.5
Days Lifting:  1

Last Week:  19


  1. Had a lot of fun running with you Tuesday and Wednesday. I think your mileage Wed was more like 6....

  2. Yeah, I didn't time the warm up so I have no clue how long we ran. I'm changing it to 5 anyway. I had fun too. Too bad you guys aren't running the Mini meet.