Monday, December 3, 2012


Monday:  I went running with the headlamp hat tonight on the rail trail with Jimmy.  I ran for 20ish minutes nice and slow.  I felt pretty good.  I ran into Tim T. who was out goose hunting with his mountain bike.  Nice global warming!  2.5.

Tuesday:  0.  I had a dr.'s appointment.  Things are looking good.  I'm still recovering.

Wednesday:  2 miles at night with the headlamp down Oxbow Rd w/Jimmy.  I had to duck in the bushes a couple times.  Luckily my road is pretty desolate.   Nice run.  I need to do this every night.

Thursday:  2.5 Reservoir Rd w/ Jimmy in Pisgah.  I thought about going longer, but it was getting dark.  It's amazing what even a short run can do for you.  Felt great!

Friday:  0.  Went to the boys' home game; they won.  Saving it for something good tomorrow.

Saturday:  7.5 up Reservoir Rd w/Jimmy - 62 minutes.  I should have worn my bandaids and wind briefs on this one.  Awesome run despite it.  Fun Hermathon to celebrate Ferenc's birthday at night.  Got me pumped to keep at it.  I'm going to run in my first ever indoor race next Saturday.

Sunday:  4.5 Kilburn w/Jimmy.  36 minutes.  Nips started bleeding from yesterday's cold, wet run.  I thought vaseline would prevent this.  Wrong.  Legs felt sluggish.

Week Total:  19.

Good week.  My health is coming back.  I'm looking forward to each run.  Next Saturday I'm going to BU to find out what I can burn a mile in.  Hopefully I will break 6:30!

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