Saturday, June 27, 2015

Summer Begins

6/22 - Monday:  0.  Last day of school.  I went golfing with a coworker afterwards.  I got a par on the first hole and got worse from there.

6/23 - Tuesday:  4 at Kilburn in the am.
                           2 on Oxbow Rd pm.

6/24 - Wednesday:  4 from Boat Landing to the Town Hall and back.

6/25 - Thursday:  6 w/athletes at Kilburn.  Fun running with company.

                            3 w/athlete around school in pm.

6/26 - Friday:  0.  We went to check out couches and the YMCA.  We had a nice family day.

6/27 - Saturday:  4.5 on HRT.  Beautiful running weather for late June.  I ran at 10am and it was only around 67 degrees.
                             2.5 around school in pm.  I felt decent tonight.  Third easy double of the week.

6/28 - Sunday:  6 w/athletes and Greg at Kilburn.  Rainy and cold morning (for June).  Felt good.

Weekly total:  32

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