Sunday, April 12, 2015

April week 2

Monday - Friday - Once again nothing significant to speak of because of track practice.

Saturday - 3 miles around school.  Felt decent.

Sunday - 10 miles w/athlete.  I wasn't planning on going this long as I never thought my back would hold up.  We were supposed to run an hour, but there was a little bit of a communication snafu.  My athlete took my watch and ran ahead after 19 minutes of him graciously running at my pace.  I told him to turn at thirty minutes and that I would be following him on the straight out and back.  He kept going and going.  He thought I meant an additional 30 minutes!  Thankfully, he only kept it up for 25 minutes and figured he had gone far enough.  He was no worse for the wear, but I was really struggling at the end.  Oh well, beautiful day and I made it.  He looked great.  Now we just need a meet to not get cancelled like the first two.

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