Saturday, April 4, 2015

First week of April

Monday - Friday.  Nothing exciting to speak of.  Coaching is in full swing.  I didn't do much running with the kids.  Probably < 2 miles.  I have been seeing hundreds if not thousands of Canada geese flying up the CT River.  A lot are landing in the open patches of river.  The highlight was a flock of snow geese with two in the blue phase that flew over the school.  I've been seeing the eagles at practice too.  The killdeer are back around campus which is a sure sign of spring.  The birding is great, but I need to squeeze in more miles during practice.

Saturday - 2 miles on the HRT.  I felt miserably stiff during the run.  I saw an otter on the ice.  There were a lot of ducks and possible 1,000 + Canada geese on the open patches of water.  I might have to go back with my binoculars today.  I did a good stretching routine after the run, and I am feeling looser as I type this.  Hopefully, I'll feel up for a longer run tomorrow.

Sunday - 4 miserable miles on HRT.  My back started bothering me after about 15 minutes.  I was reduced to a hobble for the last two miles.  I did see a lot of ducks - hooded mergansers, common mergansers, and ring necked ducks.

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