Tuesday, September 27, 2011

weekending 9/18

Monday: 0. First xc meet today. Got back late.

Tuesday: 1. With kids. No desire after practice.

Wednesday: 3 miles in Pisgah w/Jimmy. Felt surprisingly good despite the recent bout of lethargitis.

Thursday: 2.5 in Friedsam w/Jimmy. I ran into Greg and Griffy.

Friday: 0. Had a meet.

Saturday: 5 with Greg and the wolves around Beals Knob. Race tomorrow.

Sunday: Pisgah 23k race. Log 15.5. Tough race. I didn't see my official time, but it was somewhere in the 2:08 region - my second best time here.

Total running: 27
Days lifting:

Last Week Miles: 9
2010 Yearly Miles: 487
2011 Yearly Miles: 554

Fun race. 208:43, 11th place.

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