Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekending 6/12

Monday: 2.5 in Friedsam w/Jimmy. Nice night for a run.

Tuesday: 7 in Pisgah w/ Jimmy. Swam in Fullam. Lifted 1 set upper. I'm pretty sore-- wakeboarding?

Wednesday: 0. Shut my eyes at 6:45 pm to rest before my run. I woke up at 4 the next morning! Whoops.

Thursday: 0. Awards Night.

Friday: 0. B-ball am. I'm really racking up the zeroes. Retirement party.

Saturday: 8 w/Jimmy in Pisgah. Kilburn Loop. Nice rainy morning. 7.5 pm w/ Jenny & Greg + wolves. Tough run. Jenny cranked, and I hung on. Big double!

Sunday: 2 miles on rd w/Jimmy at night.

Total running: 27
Days lifting: 1

Last Week Miles: 20
2010 Yearly Miles: 460
2011 Yearly Miles: 207

Good week for me. Feeling pretty decent out there. I need to lift more and catch stripers like KG. Hopefully we'll get 'em on the 1st!


  1. Those stripers taste so good. Catch 'em and eat 'em.

    Wow! Huge double over the weekend. Nice.