Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekending 6/5

Monday: 3 in Friedsam w/Jimmy. Getting over a bug. Swollen tonsils and a fever all weekend.

Tuesday: 2 miles in Pisgah w/Jimmy. I cranked this just to get it over with. Jimmy chased a porcupine (no quills). Still have a wicked sore throat.

Wednesday: Tornadic conditions.

Thursday: 3 miles in Pisgah w/ Jimmy. Cool weather felt good.

Friday: Lifted upper x2. Played hoops in the early am.

Saturday: 6 miles w/ Joe & Tim + wolves in Pisgah. Went wakeboarding. I shuck!!! Tweaked my back.

Sunday: 6 miles w/Jimmy. Beals/Nash/Beals in Pisgah. Back a little tight from yesterday's wakeboarding adventures.

Total running: 20
Days lifting: 1

Last Week Miles: ?
2010 Yearly Miles: 460
2011 Yearly Miles: 180

I haven't updated in a while, which means I haven't been running much. Hopefully this week is the start of some good summer training.


  1. I sense you are beginning Comeback #34. Someday I want to run Beals with you. Can't find it on a map.

  2. It's a pretty tough run... you would love it!