Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekending 6/26

Monday: 0. Lifted upper x 2. Went fishing on Spofford with Jonny Dubbs.

Tuesday: am 2 miles in Friedsam w/Jimmy. I decided to hammer a short one nice and early before school.
pm 9 miles around Kilburn ext. w/Jimmy. Got caught by Greg and Ferenc (and wolf pack) 40 minutes into my run. I pushed this one in places.

Wednesday: 0.

Thursday: 0. Last day of school!!!!

Friday: 5 pm in Friedsam w/Jimmy. I was supposed to go cod fishing, but the trip got cancelled due to huge waves at The Flemish Cap.

Saturday: 8 miles am Nash w/ Jimmy. We flushed a mother ruffed grouse and her chicks. I've been tight in my upper back at night. I need to lift.

Sunday: 1 am in Friedsam w/Jimmy. My 2 pairs of shoes that I normally wear are soaked. I tried some oldies which were hurting my feet and achilles, so I aborted the run. I'll try again in the pm. Plank routine. Caught a bass on a grass frog -- sure sign of summer!
8 pm Kilburn w/Jimmy. New shoes (saucony kinvara) felt good. Tried to break an hour... 59:49.

Total running: 33
Days lifting: 1

Last Week Miles: 13
2010 Yearly Miles: 460
2011 Yearly Miles: 253

Good week. 33 miles on 4 days running. Next week I should be able to hit 30+ again. It would be nice to hit 40 miles and catch a 40 pound striper. ;) Now that's a 40/40 club!


  1. Hey Glenn, good week. Hope to see you back at the track now that it's summer. See ya soon.

  2. Bassin' and runnin'. Nice week. You're spot on with the 40-40 club!!


  3. Great week! 50K at Pisgah this year?

  4. James, I'll try. I have basketball commitments most Wednesdays.

    Jonny, too early to declare!

    Muddy, heck yeah!