Sunday, July 17, 2011

weekending 7/17

Monday: 0. Lifted upper x 2. Back very tight!

Tuesday: 0. Back tight + summer school + summer camp + 90 degree weather = no running.

Wednesday: 3 in Friedsam w/Jimmy. Felt like I hadn't run in a month! Lifted upper x2. Played hoops in the pm. Back feeling decent.

Thursday: 0. Sore and lazy from hoops. This is shaping up to be a decent week of lethargy!

Friday: am: 3.5 in Pisgah w/Jimmy. Felt like rubbish.

noon: Lifted upper x 2. No energy.

Saturday: am: 7 Monadnock Sunapee Greenway w/Jimmy. I parked off Route 9 near Granite Lake and headed south. I was hoping to go longer, but I came to a paved road and I didn't have a leash for Jimmy.

pm: 4.5 in Putney solo. I got really hot by the end of this run which made the frigid, cold water that much sweeter.

Sunday: am: 12 Vistas in Pisgah w/Jimmy in 1:46. Hot/tough run. I suffered on the Ridge section, but recovered on Hubbard. I walked the last hill back to the Horseshoe parking lot. Whippers (when sticks get whipped from one leg into the achilles of your other leg) shuck! I experienced about 3 whippers including a nasty one on the descent from Hubbard that made me fall while simultaneously gashing my right calf. I survived and had fun!

Total running: 30
Days lifting: 3

Last Week Miles: 43
2010 Yearly Miles: 460
2011 Yearly Miles: 355
300 mile club total (ends 8/14): 175

Back doing a little better as of Thursday. Keep lifting and running.


  1. Great week, Glenn!!

  2. What is the 300 mile club? I'm intrigued...


  3. Thanks Muddy. The 300 mile club is a summer goal for my xc runners. I figured I would hit it too. This current week of lethargy is making things interesting!