Tuesday, August 16, 2011

weekending 8/14

Monday: 7. Fullam w/Jimmy. Ran at 1:00pm. Weird weather - cool rain showers mixed with oppressive heat and deerflies. Swam in the pond. 43 to go.

Tuesday: 7. Mini-Vistas w/Boj and Jimmy. I was going to zero today, but Boj got me out the door. 36 to go.

Wednesday: 0. Played Hoops. A lot of fun!

Thursday: 3. Fun run. 2.3 in 15:30. 33 to go.

Friday: 8. Nash w/Greg and wolves. Felt decent. 25 to go.

Saturday: am: 4 w/Jimmy in Friedsam.

noon: 8 around Hinsdale after cross country sign-ups. 13 to go.

Sunday: 14 in Pisgah w/Jimmy. Chestnut, Res. down to the swimming spot, ten minutes up the Ridge, Res. home. 1:53. I don't want to say this run was easy, but I sure am getting stronger. Felt good reached 301!

Total running: 51
Days lifting: 0

Last Week Miles: 44.5
2010 Yearly Miles: 460
2011 Yearly Miles: 481
300 mile club total (ends 8/14): 301

Good week. Felt great hitting 300. It isn't particularly impressive, but it was a goal nonetheless.


  1. Doesn't having goal's suck.


  2. i find if you have a goal, you might not re...ahh nevermind you guys know how the rest of that one goes.

  3. Nice job, Glenn! Your last couple of weeks were very solid! Good work.

  4. Way to go Glenny! Maybe we can run with the cougars of Burlingame this Sunday?

  5. Good job Glenn. Show those kids a thing or two. Or 300. Way to go.