Monday, January 14, 2013

1/14 - 1/20/2013

Monday:  3.5 on RT w/Jimmy.  Felt stiff today probably from pushing hard yesterday w/Cody then not stretching apres run.  I stretched good today and foam rolled my back.  I need to lift!

Tuesday:  0.  I had to score two bball games.  We lost both but fought valiantly.  Tomorrow will be tough to get out the door.  I have open house at 6 pm plus a meeting until 3:30 after school.  Early release on Friday and a 3 day weekend should make amends.

Wednesday:  3.5 on RT w/Jimmy.  Nice fresh snow, and I wasn't even bitter that we were the only school in NH without a delay or a cancellation!

Thursday:  0.  Renaissance Night at school.  It was fun watching our kids in their element.

Friday:  2 w/Jimmy on RT.  Not much time again today as I have to go back to school to score bball games.  Brrrrrrrr!  It was cold out there.  Did 40 push-ups am.

Saturday:  Lifted upperx2 + shot some hoops in the early am.  Mid am - ran 6 w/Jimmy up Reservoir Rd.  Beautiful day.  I might get out again.  I thought Reservoir Rd was tough without snow, with snow it's a real taint kicker.

Sunday:  8 in Pisgah w/Jimmy.  We ran down Old Chesterfield Rd from Horseshoe Parking area chasing the elusive Griffin and Jenny.  Once we caught them (32:30) we turned back.  I ran way too fast in the beginning which made the second half a sufferfest.  I overdressed like an idiot adding to the misery of the up mountain finish.  My feet killed from slipping on the snow.  Basically, it was one of the least enjoyable runs I've done in a while.  I comforted myself with some Taco Bell on the drive home.

Weekly total:  23
Days lifting:  1

Last week: 12
2013 ytd:  52.5

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  1. Runners love 3 day weekends more than "regular" folks.