Monday, January 21, 2013

1/21 - 1/27/2013

Monday:  3 on RT w/Jimmy.  I ran early from the 63 South parking area.  Yesterday I was overdressed, so I made up for it today by underdressing.  It was 20 degrees and I was cold.  I'm not sure I could have gone longer if I wanted to.  I'm a little worn out from watching the Pats lose last night.

Tuesday:  0.  I had to work the score books for the girls' bball game.  JV lost in an overtime thriller; the varsity won.

Wednesday:  2 on Oxbow Rd w/Jimmy.  I bundled up for this one.  I couldn't get out to the rail trail because of a meeting after work.  This was the coldest weather I've run in, in a  while.  I think it was 7 or 8 degrees when I got out.

Thursday:  5.  3.5 w/Cody at night.  Prospect/Stage lollipop from the boat landing.  When I got home I ran w/Jimmy for another 1.5.  Tonight was a little warmer than last night.  Felt decent.  I have to score bball games tomorrow.  It would be great to get 3 miles in before hand.  I did a decent routine of push-ups and crunches in the am.  I won't be eclipsing Boj's weekly totals though!

Friday:  0.  I had to score the boys' jv and varsity games.

Saturday:  am:  I hiked 7 miles w/students in Pisgah.  Beautiful. sunny and clear weather.  10 - 17 degrees.  We hiked Kilburn, Ridge, Baker, and Davis.  We went to Bossman Vista which was beautiful, but the coolest part was walking out to the island on Baker Pond.  Out in the middle of the pond were tons of coyote tracks.  They must like meeting out in the open area at night. You could see where they greeted each other  by these circular imprints on the snow.

pm:  Beat from my hike (why is hiking more tiring than running?), but I knew Jimmy would hate me if I didn't get out for something on such a nice day.  We ran 2.5 on the roads.

I feel like I got some much needed vitamin D today!

Sunday:  8.  Belleville Pond 10k in Rhody.  Short warm-up and short cool down at Indoor Meet in Providence.  Fun race.  I think I'll do a separate write up for the race.

Weekly total:  20.5
Days lifting:  0

Last week: 23
2013 ytd:  73

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