Tuesday, January 29, 2013

1/28 - 2/3/2013

Monday:  0.  Whipped from waking early to finish my grading.

Tuesday:  2 miles w/Jimmy on the HRT.  I wanted to go farther, but I had to score the girls' home game at 5.

Wednesday:  3 on RT w/Jimmy.  We had a 2hr delay so I got out early.

Thursday:  3 up Daniel's Mtn. w/Jimmy.  Trails were 85% clear.  I forgot how ridiculously tough this run is.  Nice windy view at the top.

Friday:  0.  Lifted in the early am before school.  Upperx2.  I had to score the boys' bball games.  I could have squeezed a short run in between school and the games, but I was feeling lazy.

Saturday:  1 mile RT w/ Jimmy.  I was feeling pumped for this run.  The trails were clear. I felt great EXCEPT my darn right achilles was bothering me the entire way.  I decided to walk it back after the mile mark. I felt it a little on Friday going up stairs.  I'm a little bummed.  I need to get in the weight room more, so my form is better.  I really think it might be bugging me from all the slipping on snow and possibly my new shoes.  Rocky said it best when asked if he was mad...

Late morning - lifted upper x2

You won't find that in any of the Hollywood Rocky movies.  It's in an HB production from the late 80's.

Night:  I rolled down to Boston and the Reggie Lewis Center with Greg, Coach Mangean, and 4 of my senior athletes to watch the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix.  What a blast.  The meet was very spectator friendly.  The events were run right on schedule, they handed out thunder sticks, and the races  were exciting.  We got to cheer on Chariho's Bryce Kelly in the boys' mile and talk with Coach Hab.  We saw Galen Rupp, Tirunesh Diababa, and other top pros.  We also saw high school phenom Mary Cain run into the record books in the elite 2 mile.  It was a raucous good time!  I'm excited to watch it on ESPN2 today.

Sunday:  Will the achilles be ready to roll tomorrow?  No

Week total:  9
Days lifting:  2

Last week:  20.5
2013 ytd: 80

January total:  80


  1. thanks for the props, mc. but im pretty sure herschel walker tripled my weekly totals every day for ten years.

  2. Yeah but he was probably on HGH, creatine, and deer antler extract. You're just on beer, instant, and dehydrite.

  3. dude i use deer antler extract as creamer for the dehydrite