Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Week ending 2/6/2011

Monday: 0. Had an away game at Wilton.

Tuesday: 0. The snow is piling up again. Game against Monadnock is postponed.

Wednesday: 4 miles 51 minutes in Friedsam w/Jimmy.
Deep powder. I decided to not bring snowshoes since it was only about 9 inches on top of the packed down trails. For fun, I jumped into the snow off the trail; it's about mid thigh! Happy Ground Hog's Day!

Thursday: 0. Lifted upper1x3. Had a game today. We lost by 20. We really don't look that bad. We just couldn't spit in the ocean.

Friday: 0. Played hoops with the team.

Saturday: 3 mile snowshoe run w/ Jimmy & Griffin in Friedsam. I opted out of the race today, so I could play with the dogs. Interesting observation: The bridges' hand rails are about knee height with all the snow on them. It makes it feel like you could fall off!

Sunday: 2 mile run w/ Jimmy in Friedsam. I went sans snowshoes. It was fun. It was gorgeous, sunny weather. Lifted upper x2. Played hoops with the team.
xtraining: shoveled the roof!
Total running: 9
Days lifting: 2

Last Week Miles: 2
2010 Yearly Miles: 460
2011 Yearly Miles: 34

Just a normal week. I need to lift 3 x per week.


  1. The weather has been crazy this wintah. Are you thinking about doing any races this spring? It'd be good to see you.

  2. Definitely! I'll be jumping in some short road races and ten mile+ trail races.