Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Week ending 1/30/2011

Monday: 0. Had an away game at Sunapee.

Tuesday: 0. Grades were due today which is always a super busy time.

Wednesday: 0. Had an away game in VT.

Thursday: Lifted Upper1 x 3. Played hoops w/ team + suicides, man they're tough!

Friday: Played hoops w/ team.

Saturday: Hike w/ Jimmy and Griffin at Beals Knob.

Sunday: 2 mile run in Friedsam w/ Jimmy. I decided to go sans snowshoes. It wasn't too bad. Lifted upper1x2. Played hoops with the team 3 v. 3. Fun day. I'm tired!

Total running: 2
Days lifting: 2

Last Week Miles: 11
2010 Yearly Miles: 460
2011 Yearly Miles: 25

Busy week, 2 games + grades due. I'm still feeling good. Bring on February!


  1. What's your team's record? Coach of the year honors on the horizon?!?

  2. Ha Ha! We're 1-5... That award will not be in my hands any time soon!!!